Classes range from R500 to R700 a term (10 weeks)

There is also a yearly membership fee starting from R200 depending on membership type

(not included in class prices)

Prices are subject to change without prior notice and correct price will be given on day of registration

Class Times

"1st lesson" starts at 07:45 


Assessments are at 08:00


Classes are 08:30 to 09:30 & 09:30 to 10:30


You will be informed of your class start time during registration

Term times

Our terms are ten weeks (lessons) long. Dogs are also added and qualified from classes during the term at the discretion of the trainer.

When do we train



We train exclusively on Sundays

Please Note

If you are interested in joining our club the introductory lesson is compulsory (This lesson is without your dog).

Assessments are for all new dogs (even if the human member is not new).

Entry to the more advanced classes are pending an assessment and owners may be required to complete additional obedience and beginner classes before being able to join. 


Now that your puppy has a little bit more focus and has started maturing, we hone those skills learnt during puppy classes and help you through the "terrible teens".


Officially a Companion Dog (CD) Certification is a "Novice Obedience Title". It is often also considered a classic working trial. Don't let the technical terms scare you, a number of our members have competed for this title and qualified. For our more experienced handlers and dogs looking for a fun challenge.

Introductory (1st) Lesson

You don't know us yet, we don't know you. Why don't you come and say hi? This is the first lesson for all people wishing to join the club and start training. You'll get a chance to meet the trainers, see the facilities and decide what you'd like to do with your dog. Since this is about getting to know the people, we ask that you please leave your pooch at home, just for this one. 


You and your puppy survived the adolescent years, you have a good bond and you'd like to keep that focus and drive going. Finesse those heeling and sit behaviours as well as learn a few more like retrieves and send aways.


Beginners and advanced dogs and handlers learn about the basics of agility while running courses. We require dogs and handlers to have completed an obedience class as it does require a certain level of focus and a good recall. We encourage our handlers to enter open shows, fun-days and demos.


You like us, we think you're cool so how's about we start training? For those who are still not 100% sure what they'd like to do or those without prior training we'll take you and your dog for an assessment. This gives us the opportunity to make sure you and your dog get sent to the perfect class and gives you a chance to get those first day jitters out the way (not puppies, after the intro you guys will go straight to class)


Obedience is not your thing? That's cool where would we be if we all loved the exact same things? Clicker uses a technique called "marking" to teach skills and tricks and improves communication between you and your dog.


Dogs under six months of age. Pups are required to have had their 2nd vaccinations, so please bring those vaccination booklets along. Basics of the basics. How to train your dog as well as help with all the "puppy problems" like house-training, teething etc.


Canine Good Citizen (CGC) is a program established to promote responsible dog ownership. It encourages the training of well-mannered dogs. Completion of this course is by formal judged assessment and qualifiers get a rosette and official KUSA CGC Certificate. We train up to Gold level.



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